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Have a Flat Tire on Your Tesla?

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Tesla Motors tire installation

We Have Tires at a Fair Price

A flat tire can be expensive when you drive a Tesla. While roadside assistance might be free depending on your agreement when purchasing your car, the price to replace and install one tire, plus reset the TPMS system, can cost hundreds of dollars while all four tires can cost over a thousand.

That's an expensive flat and an unexpected expense you don't need. 

When your Tesla is ready for new tires or tire repairs, contact Hilna Tires. We have tires that fit your Tesla that don't cost dealership prices. We provide the tires and tire services (including TPMS resets) you need, at a fair price. Our technicians are ready to make sure you have the best tires for your Tesla and are prepared to perform the adjustments necessary to help you get the best possible life out of those tires.

If you need affordable tires for your Tesla in and around Brooklyn, NY, call (718) 996-1687 now. We're near Bay Ridge, NY, Breezy Point, NY, and surrounding areas.

Many Choices, Good Prices

Don’t pay dealership prices. Stop in today! Hilna Tires is ready with the best tire options to fit your budget and driving style. When your Tesla needs tires or tire repairs, it's important to have a shop familiar with your vehicle. Our technicians are ready to help. We can ensure everything is installed as it should be.

Major Tire Brands

Depending on the year and model of your Tesla, Hilna Tires is likely to have many different brands available for your vehicle. Search by make and model to get started, read tire reviews, and compare prices. If you have questions, please ask.

Ask us about available options for winter, off-road, and performance tires.

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